THE 411


To make everyone's life easy, you'll find some frequently asked questions and answers below. If there's something you'd like to ask, feel free to submit it below, and we'll add it to the list!


Venue Rentals

How do I host an event or rent out your space?

  • Please fill out the form on our Book The Space page. Once we receive that, we'll shoot you an email to confirm the details, followed by an invoice to be paid prior to the event. 

How much does it cost to rent out the H$TL House?

  • Our hourly rate for meetings or small events is $55/hour. There are no extra fees or security deposits needed. As long as you come in, don't cause a ruckus or throw a rager and leave the place clean, you're gucci. If you'd like to book the space for a full-day or weekend, please let us know so we can send you a separate quote and block it off on our calendar.

How can I collaborate with the H$TL House on a workshop or event?

  • We're all about collaborating! If you want to work with the H$TL House on an idea or workshop, please fill out our rental form and pitch us your idea. If it's a good fit for a collaboration, we'll waive the hourly rental fee and just split the workload when it comes to promoting and the profits after the event.

What comes with the space?

  • The H$TL House is a one-bedroom apartment designed to inspire creativity, community and productivity. We have a full kitchen, full bathroom with a shower, a bedroom with a queen sized-bed, and main living area that includes desks/tables for meetings and a lounge area with couches and seating. We also have a washer/dryer available and of course dope wifi! 

How many people can fit in the H$TL House?

  • We have four main desks/tables that can fit up to 12 people around it for workshops or meetings. For smaller gatherings/panels, we can fit up to 15 people either seated or standing. The more intimate the crowd, the better for this space. 

Can we bring in food or drink?

  • Of course! We have a full kitchen with basic supplies, so feel free to bring in food and drink for your event. We do ask that you bring in any paper plates/cups/utensils for your attendees, and we'll provide the trash for easy cleanup afterwards.

Speaking of clean up, do we have to do that?

  • We ask that you respect the space and have your guests and attendees clean up after themselves. We do have cleaning supplies on hand in case of spills, but it would be great if you can leave the space just as you got it! There will be fines for any permanent damage/stains/etc.

Attending Events

How can we get to the H$TL House?

  • Check out our Locations page with more info on getting here! We are located in an apartment building called Schiller's at 2021 N. Front Street in Fishtown. Please contact whoever is hosting the event when you arrive, as they'll have to come to the lobby and let you in. 

What types of events are hosted at the H$TL House?

  • We've got everything from workshops hosted by seasoned professionals, dinner parties, intimate gatherings and discussions, Shark Tank-viewing nights and more! Events are either hosted by the H$TL House or by outside parties renting out the space. You can view all of our events on our homepage or on our Events page.

Why do you charge for events?

  • Gotta pay the bills! We not only want to encourage you to invest in yourself when it comes to professional and personal development through our programming, but we also gotta keep the lights on in this space and pay rent each month. Like that saying "Help us, help you!"

I would love to attend an event, but I don't have the funds. :(

  • Totally get it. We're here to provide you the resources to make those dolla dolla bills. If you need some financial support, please reach out and we'll work something out. No one should be denied education, especially at the H$TL House!

Are your events for everyone?

  • We welcome all genders, colors and ages to attend our events. Some of them may cater to a certain crowd, but all are welcome and encouraged to participate. We want you to expand your network and your mind through our programming.